Locking wheel nut removal

What are locking wheel nuts?


Locking wheel nut keys are made of thin mild steel, when put under extreme pressure the metal twists causing the key to become distorted and unusable, in this case, you will need a specialist to remove them for you. Majority of locking wheel nuts and keys get damaged due to over tightening with an impact gun or being very strenuous with them. If you have damaged either the lock nut or the locking wheel nut key, not to worry as we provide a locking wheel nut removal service where we can remove the nut or bolt for you.

You can order a new locking wheel nut key from the manufacturer of your vehicle. Bare in mind if the locking wheel nuts have been damaged, seized or over tightened a new key will also fail. Most manufacturers charge for a replacement also the wait for a new key is often in excess of 2 weeks where as we can get to you in most cases ( besides emergencies) within a day. 


Most customers have issues with their locking wheel nuts due to a repair or service garage using air-guns to tighten their locking wheel nuts or locking wheel bolts. All lock nuts and bolts should be tightened by hand and torqued to the specifications set by manufacturers using a torque wrench. An impact tool shouldn't be used on a locking wheel nut or locking wheel bolt.


How We Remove Your Locking Nuts or Bolts

Dependent on what locking wheel nuts or bolts you have, and also the key pattern. Some locking wheel keys will have a specific design as to where the teeth on the locking wheel nut or bolt sits, if the designs are not properly pitted they can cause the locking wheel nuts to round. if this happens it is unlikely a new key will do the job, at this point we recommend to call 07436 902787 and ask for a specialist.  

We use industry graded equipment to deliver a locking wheel nut removal service without needing the locking wheel key. If you have attempted to remove your locking wheel nut or bolt in a DIY fashion, we can not guarentee that the wheel may be get damaged. It is best to call us prior to trying yourself.


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