Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are specifically designed for driving on colder surfaces below 7ºC, providing improved handling and grip even in the harshest of winter weather.

Winter tyres are easily identified by the tyre markings M+S (Mud and Snow) and 3PMSF (3 Peaks Mountain Snow Flake), some will have both. They are manufactured from rubber compounds which can quickly adapt to the cold, the flexibility and deep tread sipes provide a much better grip and optimised handling not to mention short stopping distances.

Here in the UK temperatures during the winter months can be mild one day and freezing the next. Winter tyres are designed to handle all driving conditions including Snow, ice, black ice and general cold road surfaces, giving you peace of mind no matter what the weather that your tyres will keep you safe.

When Should you change to Winter Tyres?

As soon as the temperatures start to drop below 7ºC it's time to switch out your summer tyres to your safer winter tyres.

Unlike winter tyres, at colder temperatures summer tyres do not have the flexibility to adapt to the colder surfaces as they become harder meaning that they are unable to grip the roads.

What is the difference between Winter and All season tyres?

Both will provide you with improved grip and handling through the winter months, however for the remote areas of the UK where snowfall can be heavier, winter tyres are a better option otherwise All season can perform just as well on cold and icy roads.

When should I remove my winter tyres?

It is recommended that winter tyres are not used all year round as they are not as effective in the summer months, just like summer tyres are not equipped for winter. Leaving the tyres on can cause them to wear quicker and therefore much less cost effective.

Can I purchase winter tyres online?

Yes, we stock a large range of winter tyres here at RA Mobile Tyres from budget to the premium suiting any pocket. You can search for tyres using your registration number or tyre size if you know it, then filter by winter tyres to show all winter tyres available for your vehicle.

Not sure which tyres you need? Call us on 0800 002 5955 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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